Rose Frain

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2002-2019           CURRENCY

A miniature installation citing the fluctuating price in US dollars of raw opium at the farm gate in Afghanistan.


  • Outline map of Afghanistan. Graphite and oil on canvas. 30 x40 x1 cm.
  • Fluctuating prices in US dollars of raw opium at the farm gate. Ongoing series. Gold leaf and pigment on canvas. Each 7x10 x1 cm
  • Poppy field. Raw pigment on canvas. 7x 10 x1 cm
  • Snow dome with B/W image of a landscape painting in Kabul museum, on which Dr Mohammed Asefi , artist and curator had painted over the living beings to protect the work from destruction by the the Taliban. Later - having used water colours, he wiped off the paint to reveal the living beings once again.
  • Lapis Lazuli. Mined in Afghanistan and used as currency in the narcotics trade. Also used to make the Ultramarine pigment prized in the Italian Renaissance.

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